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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ananda's Future and You

Dear Ananda Members,

Last Sunday after service & Swami's video, about a hundred of us enjoyed a meeting led by Asha, David and Shanti.  We looked at all we've accomplished in the last few years to develop the Church property.  Then we discussed what we can do from now on to ensure that all this is available to truthseekers well beyond our lifetimes; and answered questions from those present.

Please click here to listen to an audio recording of the meeting, 1 hour 8 minutes.  If you'd prefer this on CD instead, just let us know and we'll get you one.

Click here to view the 3 handouts that everyone received, that speakers refer to in the talks.

We discussed 4 major areas we'll be focusing on in the near future:
  1. Free and Clear:  Helping to see Ananda free of all debt
  2. I Go Forth in Perfect Faith:  Tithing and Pledging;  giving back to the source of our inspiration
  3. My Spirit, My Truth, My Family:  Helping to grow our membership
  4. Thank You and Goodbye:  Building a legacy for Ananda Palo Alto (title is intentionally lighthearted)
We passed around clipboards and folks were encouraged to sign up for one or more of these areas--brainstorming, praying, contributing energy in any way. 

Even if you weren't there, we encourage you to join the fun and "sign up" for one or more of these areas by contacting the sangha staff.

Thank you!

Many blessings in Master,
Dambara, for the Ananda staff

P.S. Photos of the event, courtesy of Chris T., are here.

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