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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Finding Happiness Update

Guest post from Karen G.

About 60 folks came to the Finding Happiness movie at Aquarius Theatre in Palo Alto last week. And 30 to the Guild in Menlo Park. Last theatre showing in Cupertino this Thursday night.

People seemed to really enjoy the film — a few left in tears, and many with heartfelt thank you’s. It’s hard to watch it ourselves and not shed a few tears through it. And seeing it in super high definition in a theatre is hard to beat.

Some years ago, Swamiji was asked: “how can we reach more people with these teachings?” He said something like, “make sure you are visible enough that anyone who is looking for this will find it.” These movie showings and the Open House coming up are our major outreach effort this year to help with that. And thank heavens for the internet, which makes it nearly effortless for anyone who is really looking to find us. (Google CAN satisfy many searches, this being one. :))

Fun story: We were passing out flyers on the streets of Palo Alto before the movie showing, as this was just the sort of thing Swami encouraged us to do, and which shyness often prevents. So off we bravely went, and as a small reward for our efforts, the second person we approached on the street said, “oh, I have seen that movie.” (Come on, I thought, what’s the chance of that?) He leaned over and said, “Yes, I saw that movie in India. I am with Ananda in Pune.” He looked again at the little flyer, “Yes, I know Jemal.” “What are you doing here?!” we asked. “I am here in Palo Alto on business - just flew in from India this afternoon.”

After we picked up our jaws off the sidewalk, we welcomed him to the U.S. and invited him to visit the commmunity while he is here, which he is planning to do this week. (He hadn't known there was an Ananda group in this area).

Small, small, small world.

By the by, pretty much no one else took our flyers. But we felt sure Swamiji was smiling, ear to ear.

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