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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nirmoha and Rosalva's Wedding

A few weeks plus one honeymoon in Hawai’i ago, our extended community joyfully celebrated the wedding of Nirmoha and Rosalva. The ceremony at the church opened with a prayer by the father of the groom, as the ranking clergy member, very sweetly welcoming Rosalva to the family. The image of families joining together is a lovely reminder of how lucky we all are to have come together as a spiritual family with both of these gurubhais, and we were only too delighted to support them with our presence, love, singing, and rose petals on this special occasion. Even Asha remarked that, as cynical as she may seem at times (during, for instance, certain sermons on non-attachment), she still always winds up with happy wedding tears.

The reception afterwards took place in the community courtyard and featured such incredibly tasty pesto-stuffed mushroom appetizers that some of us were in severe danger of not even making it to the main course, never mind the cake. But we don’t shirk our duties around food here, and nothing was neglected. To work it all off, Rita led us in several fun circle dances (rated “E” for Everyone) to the accompaniment of some favorite chants.

The musical theme throughout the afternoon was an open mic with an invitation for anyone to sing any song with the word “love” in it, thereby inducing a state of osculation in the newly married couple. These ranged from some songs of Swamiji’s, to miscellaneous show tunes, to an original song by Nirmoha’s son John. (Singing a song about love in Hawaiian also happened to result in hula dancing.) The “Best Costume” award, though, went to Chaitanya and Supriya, who sang the adorable duet from Fiddler on the Roof, “Do You Love Me?” (Since we didn’t get a video, we’ll spare you the suspense: the answer is “yes.”)

And how more about photos? Also yes!

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