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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Swami's New Home in Pune, India

[A letter from Lahari, with photos by Vidura.]

Dear Friends,

We invite you to share in the joys of Swamiji's first visit to see his new home in the Ananda Kriya Yoga Community on the land near Pune.

A larger housewarming event is being planned, but for now - first glimpses....

Here is a link for photos of yesterday's momentous event here in Pune. Jai Gurus!

Swamiji mentioned that yesterday was a particularly auspicious astrological time for him to see and to spend some time in his new home in Pune. Everyone pushed beyond human capacities to have his house ready (making it very clear to us all that God IS the doer).

One hour before his arrival, Nirmala, along with several Nayaswamis, Tyagis, and a group of local Pune devotees were washing floors and windows, moving furniture, hanging pictures and draping the new landscaping walls with garlands for his arrival. Spirits were very high and full of joy as his car came around the corner of the road leading up to his house. With the backdrop of exquisite natural beauty and peace, Swamiji stepped out to be greeted and shown his new home.

"Beautiful!" he said, over and over again as he saw each room: the large hall, suitable for hosting many devotees in satsangs, his lovely meditation room, Lila's new bright kitchen -- every room filled with "Space, Light, and Harmony," the three key concepts of architectural design mentioned in his book by that name.

Nayaswami Dharmadas and Nirmala's work with the architect has captured these qualities. Their plans, through the heroic efforts of Nayaswami Jaya and his team, Biraj and Deo, the contractor, and his teams, (including 100 people from the local villages), all came together to manifest Swamiji's new home -- the spiritual center for this first Kriya Yoga Community in Pune.

Thank you all for your generous support and endless prayers. This is a victory for every one of us who are a part of this great work.

Here in Pune, it feels that the first Kriya Yoga Community has truly begun.

It is the beginning.  As Swamiji said during his first satsang in his new living room/hall, "It is now time for you Indians to bring this forward - for every one Westerner, we need one thousand Indians."

Spread the word..... this wonderful way of joyful living for God is available now in Pune, India!!!


Anonymous said...

Well, now there are really two Kriya Yoga communities around Pune. Yogiraj Satgurunath Siddhanath has a forest ashram in land close to Pune. It includes an Earth Peace Temple with a solidified mercury Shivalinga. Please see the website at for more info. It would be great if Kriyananda-ji and Gurunath could visit with each other. Maybe the two Kriya communities could join together for a special gathering! I sure would go to India for that!

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