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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How Can I Find Jesus? Try the Gazebo.

If you've been by the central lawn at the Palo Alto community recently, you've probably noticed that the marble statue of Jesus has a new home. Nirmoha's been working on a lovely new gazebo for it, across from Yogananda's, and the statue was moved back in over the weekend. 

The shrine isn't quite done yet, though. There's still more painting to do (gold and blue accents on white is the plan) as well as planting the circular area in the center, and adding benches, lighting, and a fa├žade for the brick altar. Contact Nirmoha if you're interested in helping with any of this, and maybe we'll do a volunteer painting party, or something fun like that.

There are a couple more "in-progress" pictures here, and we'll add some more once the whole thing is finished.

(P.S. Do you know how much marble weighs per cubic foot? If you do, don't tell me, 'cause it's probably scary. I helped Nirmoha lift the statue down from the crate it used to be on, and it was all we could do to lower it to the ground without collapsing. We had to waddle the poor savior along the grass just to get Him out of the way of the construction. Nirmoha, Chaitanya, and Matthew together get credit for lifting Him onto the new brick pedestal. Whew!)

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