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Friday, June 10, 2016

The Land of Golden Sunshine

The Land of Golden Sunshine was a story Swami Kriyananda wrote when he was a young man, and then finally published 60 years later. He called it the most autobiographical thing he had ever written, and that’s even including The New Path, his literal autobiography.

A group of Ananda actors, dancers, and singers, led by Marcel, recently performed this little gem—the first time it’s been done here in years. This new arrangement included many of Swamiji’s songs, woven seamlessly into the story. Our small dance troupe of Rita, Karen B., Suman, and Sneha also added original choreographies, both as angels and as storm lords. Detailed sets and intricate lighting work added the finishing touches to a beautiful and powerful production.

Here’s a gallery of photos, plus a full video of the show:

(And just for an extra bit of fun, here’s a video of the 1992 production of the same play!)



Beautifully spoken, danced, costumed, and staged. Thank you Swamiji and friends at Ananda Palo Alto!

Susan said...

This was beautifully done-every aspect of it. Thank you for posting the play online so I could enjoy it.
Peace, Susan Paluzzi

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