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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spirit and Nature Hike

Guest post by Amy M. Photos here.

Imagine a perfect day walking through sunny, green hillsides bursting with wildflowers...
Imagine stopping at a beautiful stream, fresh from the previous day’s rainstorms...
Now imagine doing that perfect walk with seventeen of your gurubais...

Add in singing “O God Beautiful” at the stream, playing nature games along the hillside walk, and you have a small taste of the imaginative and soul-full offerings that Saiganesh and Vinny provided for us on Saturday’s nature hike in the Sunol Wilderness Area. We left our cellular reception behind and entered into the realm of Divine Mother, in her springtime finest. Poppies, lupine and other wildflowers abounded. The area named “Little Yosemite” lived up to its name, with huge boulders to climb and scamper on while the river rushed around them, especially swollen by the previous week’s rain. The nature games—including some of Bharat’s and new ones inspired by John Muir—helped us to connect to a lineage of reverence for nature, for humankind’s integral placement within nature, and for how nature always gives us more than we expect. We stopped for snacks, for meditation, for game-playing, for expansive views, to let other hikers pass, and just to marvel in the play and beauty of God’s wondrous creation… beyond all imagination of expectancy!

More hikes coming up on May 31st and August 9th!

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