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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sharing Music and Nature and Bliss

We’ve been blessed by several visitors from other Ananda colonies recently. First, Nayaswamis Raghu and Sabari came down from Sacramento for a weekend. They led Sunday service, taught a class on moving from Happiness to Bliss, and — first but not least — Raghu led the Friday evening kirtan. It was a delightful time to indulge in a few extra Indian bhajans, as well as to enjoy a chanting reunion with Raghu, who used to lead many kirtans here before moving to Sacramento. Not only do we have a few photos of the evening, but there are even recordings of many of the chants that you can download.

This past week we’ve had Nayaswamis Durga and Vidura with us from Ananda Village. On Saturday, Vidura and Dambara organized a hike at Rancho San Antonio, which included a number of Bharat’s famous Sharing Nature games at the top of a hill with a beautiful view. (Photos from that day are here.) Durga and Vidura gave a satsang at Chela Bhavan last night, filling us in on various happenings up at the Village and elsewhere, including the plans for the new temple. They also gave Sunday service last weekend, and will again this coming weekend, so if you haven’t gotten to meet them yet, there’s still time!


tonsofenergy said...

Blessing and Light Ananda,

What a joy to get the newsletter and be able to see and hear the recordings from the Kirtan on Feb 8th.

The last time I heard Raghu and Dambara was in early 2009. Listening to the recordings with my eyes closed - it brought me back to Ananda. I could feel the Love and the Power and the Serenity of the place.

The energy filled me and reminded me how much I love you all and how much I have missed Raghu and Dambara.

Deep love and blessings to all.

Michael (and Alexandra - sleeping)

swami rani said...

I loved the kirtan that night. I love having the chants to replay. thanks so much for going the extra step to record and distribute the chanting. I am filled with the sound of Om.

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