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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Celebration

We had an excellent Thanksgiving at the temple last week, with over a hundred people coming in for the worship service and the following banquet. During the service, Nirmoha led us through musically meditative experiences of the different paths to God: bhakti yoga, karma yoga, gyana yoga, and raja yoga (devotion, action, wisdom, and meditation). The karma yoga step seemed to take particularly well, seeing how miraculously quickly we transformed the temple into a banquet hall. (God can really get things done when folks let Him work through them.)

Our traditional nutloaf dinner was accompanied by the even more traditional mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry relish and, of course, music. The entertainment kicked off with a song inspired by Rajarshi Janakananda. Click below for the video of “The Yogi King.”

Not to leave the Gilbert & Sullivan contingent unchallenged, Team Barbershop also turned out a couple gems, also with videos: Ananda is Home, and Goodnight Yogis (which doubled as this year’s cleanup song, inspiring another round of cheerful karma yoga).

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and may we continue to give thanks for food, friends, and fun year-round!


Anonymous said...

The music was terrific -- especially the Yogi King. Thanks so much for your creative, loving contribution to our hearts and smiles...

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing....I will attempt to stay on topic despite occasional senior moments. I enjoyed the music, especially 'Om' on the Range. There are many fond memories I have of going to your celebrations in the past - no place comes close to your warmth, joy, the sharing of love, and the spirit of truly feeling like part of the One.

I have been blessed with family nearby, and so I join with them at different times. Still, every holiday I stop at some point, think of you all, smile in gratitude for what you have given me, and actually continue to give, although I'm not an in-person participator at this time.

In love and appreciation.

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