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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What We've Been Up To

After Sunday service this weekend (and lunch), we invited everyone back into the temple for our annual-ish church meeting, reviewing the accomplishments of the past year. If you missed the list of what’s been going on around here, prepare to be impressed....

Ananda Church
Initiations & Ordinations

  • 34 Disciples
  • 10 Kriyabans
  • 14 Sadhakas
  • 1 Lightbearer
  • 1 Minister
New Programs & Directions
  • Meditation 1, 2 & 3 offered in Spanish
  • Raja Yoga 2
  • Heart to Heart discussion group
  • AKASH class series
  • Gateway to Membership
  • Wedding Renewal for 16 couples
  • Kirtans now every week
  • Introduction to Self-Realization after Sunday Service
  • Meditation groups launched in San Jose, San Carlos, Fremont, and San Francisco.
  • Weekly email lists: Ananda Family News, Ask Asha
  • Database shifted to the cloud, using Salesforce
  • Banner: “Google can't satisfy every search.”
  • Ananda Palo Alto’s website in 2011:
    • more than 2,000,000 hits
    • over 100,000 unique visits
    • people have listened to or watched more than 250,000 videos of recorded classes, music, and Sunday services
  • Refurbished the outside of the teaching center: stucco, paint, and new windows
  • Installation of religious symbols in the Temple
  • Free & Clear raised $425,000 of $1,000,000 needed
  • Thank You & Goodbye (remember Ananda in your will) now established
  • Expanded our self-concept to be the Ananda Community for Self-Realization
  • New membership process with Gateway to Membership monthly gatherings
Ananda Residential Community
  • Shrine to Lahiri built by the Sadhaka Training Group
  • Community Supported Agriculture had an outstanding first season
  • Local Exchange Network (national non-money system) launched
East West Bookshop
  • Now is the largest independent metaphysical bookstore in California
  • Management passed gracefully from Tushti and Surendra to Graham and Nooshin
  • December 2011 sales up 9% from year before
  • January and February 2012 sales up $30,000 from year before
  • Again voted “Best Place for Unusual Gifts” (won every year since 1996)
Living Wisdom School
  • Enrollment higher than ever: more than 70 children this year
  • Increased interest allows us to be more selective in accepting students
  • Successful internship program is developing talented new teachers
  • Theater Magic broke all records for attendance: over 1,000 people
Jai us!


John Rio Casey said...

Jai Ananda Palo Alto! : )

Bhagavati Nani said...

Jai you, indeed! And Jai Guru for all the blessings he is manifesting through the work there. Miss you all!

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