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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Puerta de Mi Corazón

We held a discipleship ceremony at Sunday service this week, welcoming 5 new members into our spiritual family. There was a fun twist to it this time, though.

Over the past couple of years, Edwin has been teaching the introductory meditation classes in Spanish, doing a great job making these teachings accessible to more people in this area. And he just recently finished teaching his first Meditation 3 class in Spanish as well, so all the people in Sunday’s ceremony were his Spanish-speaking students.

Edwin gave the short talk that accompanied the ceremony, and while I personally couldn’t follow every word, I did like how he described the occasion as “súper especial.” No matter what language you take discipleship in, that rings true. And as the participants took their offerings to the altar and received their blessings, the chanters led us in the Spanish version of “Door of My Heart.”

Puerta de mi corazón
Tengo abierta para tí
Ven a mi, ven a mi
Una vez ven a mi

Pasaran mis dias
Sin verte mi Señor
Noche y dia, noche y dia
Yo te busco noche y dia

Asha remarked that it gave most of us native English speakers a chance to appreciate what some of our friends go through every week here, listening to services or classes in a foreign language. To push it just a bit farther, she then asked Edwin to lead the offertory prayer in Spanish. There were a lot of mumbles as the congregation prayed responsively, but the OM at the end was resounding!

(P.S. While we’re being multilingual here, did you know that the upcoming meditation class in Fremont will also be offered in sign language? Thanks to Saranya for that one!)

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