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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fraud at the Ballot Box!

Or perhaps “discoloration” would be more accurate.

You may remember the Sunday service a few weeks ago, when we had various paint swatches up on the Teaching Center building walls, and voted on our favorites. Well, it turns out none of the yellows were qualified to be serious contenders for an outside paint job. Fine indoors, but none have the stamina to be in the cold (or rather hot) light of day. All fade in the sunlight. “People familiar with the matter” say that a key person on the Color Committee failed to do the proper research before putting the sample colors on the wall. (Unrelated note from Asha: “Oops!”)

However, the will of the people was clearly expressed: More Bright Colors. So in keeping with the spirit (if not exactly the letter) of your votes, you’ll soon see our Teaching Center adorned with the same bright colors that grace the rest of the piazza. For the walls facing into the piazza -- orange on the windowed walls, red on the big, two story blank wall. And on the outside of the building, facing College Avenue, a warm golden yellow (qualified to be outside -- we made sure this time!).

Eventually we’ll take this color scheme all around the building, using the golden yellow on the building, and the orange and red to accent architectural features, the way the doorway facing El Camino is orange now. We hope you like it!

Left: Outside wall of the Teaching Center, facing College Avenue.
Right: Teaching Center windowed walls facing into the piazza.

Left: Big two story blank wall facing into the piazza.
Right: The fraudulent yellows.

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