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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Asha's Birthday and Summer Concert

This past Saturday was the birthday of our very beloved Asha. Given that Asha is the choir’s biggest fan, and that we'll take any excuse for some more fun and music, we decided to hold a summer concert in her honor. So this weekend’s Sunday service led straight into a potluck in the piazza, and the concert actually began there as well, with Dambara and Saranya performing Canticle of the Creatures before leading us all back into the temple for the rest of the show.

The choir put together an excellent program, based around many Ananda favorites (see a video of Life is a Dream). There was also a gorgeous arrangement of Shenandoah, which we've decided just needs to be adopted into our repertoire. A light-hearted interlude featured surprise, customized birthday songs in both barbershop and Beatles varieties, as well as a must-see skit demonstrating the many, many interpretations of one of our favorite chants.

To end the concert, Rita debuted a new choreography to the song Keep Calling Him. The movements are simple and graceful, and suitable for audience participation, which let us wrap things up with a feeling of connection to everyone in the room. It’s also good to see that dance as an Ananda art form can continue here, even now that Pavani has moved to Portland.

The whole concert was recorded for a CD — contact the Sangha staff if you’re interested in getting a copy. For now, we’ll leave you with a link to all the photos, as well as a sweet poem that David G. wrote for Asha, and read at the concert.

To Asha on her Birthday

Onto the scene a cute baby did burst
The only child ever to be born mouth first
A gift to us all she’d grow up to be
A beacon of Light that hundreds would see
Her life has been filled with Swami adventures
But the birthdays add up—soon we’re shopping for dentures
But enough of that road, now’s a time just to cheer
So lend me your mind, your heart, and your ear.

We took a pen in hand to write
A poem we thought would you delight
But ne’er before had this been done
By us, for you, in birthday fun

We scratched our heads for soon we knew
Good poems there are but very few
And soon we saw a sight ‘twas sad
This one’s among the very bad
But do not fear; there’s not much more
Except the birthday wish in store
For all we really want to do
Is to share our love and prayers for you

And now here comes the final part
A thought that comes straight from the heart
We pray with all our strength and might
That Master bless you with his sight
For you’ve touched us all in so many ways
And bathed us all in Master’s rays
Our thanks run deep and strong and true
I speak for us all: love and joy to you!

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