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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Twin Baby Blessings

As you may have noticed by now, Julie and Tim are about to become the parents of twins (and Lauri the proud aunt). The two boys are due to make their appearance in late January or early February. They haven't been named yet, though they're in moderate danger of being stuck with "Bo" and "Clyde," thanks to a spoof Christmas letter Tim sent out this year.

Lauri: "My nephews!!!!"

On Sunday afternoon we had a baby blessing ceremony for the family. It's a simple but sweet ceremony: we sing chants while everyone takes turns coming up to Tim, Julie, and the still-be-wombed boys, and showering them with rose petals and blessings.

"Come out of the darkness, Mother...." (sons?)

Julie and Tim send their heartfelt thanks for all the love and support you've all shared. The boys still aren't saying much, but were kicking like crazy during the ceremony so we assume they appreciated it too. And we're all looking forward to meeting them and being the village that helps raise the children.

Aums and blessings.

[More pictures here. Thanks, Karen!]

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