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Thursday, December 3, 2009


Thanksgiving morning at the sangha started off with a service, led by Nirmoha. It was kind of like a nice mix of Sunday service, a kirtan, and group meditation. That is, we had some readings and a talk, but also more chanting, and longer periods of meditation. It was a good balance.

And after the service, of course, came the eating. We pushed aside the chairs, set up tables right there in the temple, and brought out the food. I didn't hear an official count, but I think we had at least 100 people there, which made a very happy-sized crowd.

I would list out the menu for you, but that job has already been incomparably done by others. Todd, Patrick, Dambara, and Nirmoha formed a barbershop quartet and sang their own renditions of "Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nelly," and "Sweet Adeline," with the words rewritten to provide us with a menu. So I'm just going to give you those lyrics right here.

Wait Till We Fill Our Bellies
(apologies to Andrew B. Sterling & Harry von Tilzer)

On Thanksgiving morn sat a maid forlorn
With her sweetheart by her side,
Through the windowpane, she looked at the rain,
"We must stay home, Joe," she cried.
"There's a banquet, too, that I’d love to chew,
It's a shame it rained today."
Then the boy drew near, kissed away each tear,
And she heard him softly say:
"Wait till we fill our bellies
With nut loaf and pumpkin pie!
Sweet squash bake in our bellies:
Don't you cry.
Mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy,
Cranberry sauce on the side.
Wait till we fill our bellies
Bye and bye;
Bye and bye (yes bye and bye)."

Sweet Apple Pie
(apologies to Richard H. Gerard & Harry Armstrong)

Sweet apple pie, (My apple pie,)
Or pumpkin pie, (Or pumpkin pie,)
Or apple cake, (Or apple cake,)
With cinnamon. (With cinnamon.)
In all my dreams, (In all my dreams,)
I add ice cream. (I add ice cream.)
It’s all homemade, and it’s my
Sweet apple pie. (My apple pie.)

One thing that didn't make it into the song was a pumpkin pie cheesecake. I'd never had that before, but wow -- brilliant.

In addition to the barbershop fun, we had even more delightful entertainment. Lauri and Julie sang "I'm Just a Girl Who Can't Say Om" (though she managed to in the end). Todd played Swami's "The Divine Romance" on piano. Patrick's daughter Leiya sang a beautiful original song of her own about a selkie. And Dambara and Mary Ellen sang two songs with lyrics by Shakespeare and music by Swamiji. Absolutely wonderful, all around.

Happy Thanksgiving!

(Photos by Heather.)

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